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Why Steam Cleaning Is Best: Springfield Missouri

Here is a video of typical results you should get when you call Ultra Carpet Care Of Springfield Missouri. Why is steam cleaning the best for carpet cleaning?


It starts by manufacturers recommendations. Almost all carpet manufacturers recommend Steam cleaning over any other type of cleaning. The reason is that steam cleaning does not damage carpet if done by a trained carpet cleaning professional. It also removes soils from down deep that can cause damage to the carpet fibers.

Steam cleaning utilizes all four pieces of the cleaning pie. (see my article on "The Cleaning Pie" at It actually remove’s the dirt, dust mites, pollen, and substances that cause odors. It doesn’t make the carpet just look good on the surface leaving behind these items deep down like most other methods. And as far as being environmentally safe, well is doesn’t get much more friendly than water.  Steam cleaning is very affordable too. Give Ultra Carpet Care a call, we will give you one low price without the high-pressure sales pitches, Gimmicks, or the old bait and switch routine used by many companies in the Springfield area. Call Ultra Carpet Care today. We clean carpet and upholstery really, really Good.  If you don’t enjoy haggling and just want your carpet or upholstery clean, Call the professionals at Ultra Carpet Care. (417) 459-1971  

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