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What To Expect When Your Expecting a carpet cleaning: Springfield, MO.


 What To Expect When Your Expecting a carpet cleaning: Springfield MO.


When you call Ultra Carpet Care or any business to set an appointment, you should expect an informed friendly person on the other end of the line. Not someone who thinks they are doing you a favor. Our customers are the reason we are in business. Without them we have nothing. 

All of our customers are treated the same although each job must be tailored to fit the customers needs and the carpets distinct cleaning requirements. Every carpet will be inspected, the customer will be asked about any areas of concern and a pre written invoice will be filled out. All locations are pre treated, special spot treatments will be applied followed by a thorough extraction/ rinse and highly effective vacuum to eliminate excess moisture. Drying procedures will be discussed with each customer upon completion.

We will only do, the most thorough carpet cleaning. It is so important to us that we do the best quality work, so important it’s our slogan, and it’s in writing.” The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning You Have Ever Had Or It’s FREE”

 We are trained to recognize the type of carpet in your house, and the type of fabric your upholstery may be made of, this enables us to make use of the correct cleaning/spotting procedures and stain removal techniques.

Ultra Carpet Care is a proud member of Ethical Services. In fact we are the only member in all of Southwest Missouri. Members of Ethical Services™ have been verified and agreed to adhere to the Members Code of Ethics.

What that means to our customers, is that we have taken a pledge to operate in an ethical manner at all times, and not employ deceiving advertising and sales gimmicks, or "bait and switch" tactics.

 Our BBB rating is an A+ and we are happy to have thousands of satisfied customers. Our customer reviews are positive, and we always believe in offering quality services. We have effective industrial strength cleaning equipment that we use for all of our services.

 These are the things you should expect when you are going to hire a company clean your carpets or upholstery.  Let Ultra Carpet Care exceed your expectations. (417) 459-1971  

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