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Typical results of Professional Steam Cleaning: Springfield, MO.

 Typical results of Professional Steam Cleaning.


Typical results of Professional Steam Cleaning: Springfield, MO.

Although these results are typical, there are many factors that come into play when achieving these results. How old is the carpet? Did the homeowner have it cleaned regularly?  How often did they vacuum? Was the carpet protection re-applied after 2-3 cleanings?

 As a professional carpet cleaner, getting these results makes you the hero to the customer. This is our goal. But most of these results are only achieve by what the homeowner has done to maintain their carpets. They are the reason that carpets can clean up this good.

I have seen carpets that have not been maintained, and although the result can be good, you can definitely tell that waiting 5 years to have your carpets cleaned can play a big role in the results of the cleaning. As well once the original carpet protection that was put on at the manufacturer has worn off the carpet is susceptible to staining and wear. Once a stain is set we cannot remove it, the only option is to replace that piece with a cut and plug repair, which will remove the stain by replacing it with another piece. Professional steam cleaning services can only remove soils and dirt. A stain is what remains after the soil or dirt has been removed. Think if you spilled barbeque sauce on a whit shirt, you may wash out the barbeque sauce and put it in the dryer only to find out when it's dry that you can still see where it was. That is a set stain. However on a white shirt you have another option that may get that stain out. Bleach, unfortunately we cannot bleach carpet because it would bleach out the dye causing a white bleach spot, and damaging the fibers.  At Ultra Carpet Care it is very typical to see these kinds of results. Our professional steam cleaning is the best method to choose if this is your goal. Call Ultra Carpet Care of Springfield, MO.  Today to schedule your appointment. (417) 459-1971 

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