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The Real Cost of Cleaning Your Own Carpet-Springfield, MO.

The Real Cost of Cleaning Your Own Carpet-Springfield, MO.


Sometimes the long way around is the short way home. Let’s look at the real cost of renting a store machine VS the cost of a professional company who can do the job for you. The cost for the rental of the machine is about $30.00 then you must purchase the cleaning solutions that will be used for the machine. The cost of these can vary depending on what you need. For general cleaning expect to pay about $19.00 for one bottle of the “shampoo.” Next the pre-spotter, they range from $10.00 to $15.00 additional. The pre-spotter is used on any heavier areas such as traffic lanes and spots. Now if you have a pet problem add another $15.00 to $20.00 for treating Fluffy’s pee spots, which may or may not help because of the lack of pulling power these rentals machines have.  After driving to pick it up and taking it back there are some time and gas costs to consider. And don’t forget the $40.00 deposit that most stores will want. Ok now it’s time for you to clean. 

 All total, The Real Cost of Cleaning Your Own Carpet, Springfield MO. (including cleaning Fluffy’s spots) can range from $74.00-$84.00. Lightly soiled carpet with no pet problems can be slightly less. There is also the cost of your electricity and water which is not much but it will add to your real cost. So what about the cost of hiring a professional carpet cleaner to do the job for you?

You can have Ultra Carpet Care come to your home and clean 3 rooms and a hallway for only $79.00. We will pre-spot, pre-condition traffic areas, deodorize, and steam clean your carpet. We won’t use your electricity or your water and we use state of the art equipment with twice the vacuum as the rental units and our steam is more than 200 degrees compared to your homes hot water that is normally only 120 degrees. We can even treat Fluffy’s spots all in under an hour while you sit back and relax. So as you can see, the real cost of cleaning your own carpet, Springfield, MO. is about the same; although, the professional results are much more when you call Ultra Carpet Care. Call Today (417) 459-1971

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