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The Most Thorough Cleaning Or It’s FREE: Springfield MO.

The Most Thorough Cleaning Or It’s FREE: Springfield MO.

“The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning Or It’s FREE” Have you ever seen any of the carpet cleaners in the Southwest Missouri offer this guarantee? No and you won’t. Probably because they just can’t stand behind their work. Many of the local companies use subcontractors or employees who don’t have much experience making it hard for them to offer a guarantee like ours. Ultra Carpet Care is an owner-operated company with many years of experience. Servicing Springfield Mo. and surrounding areas for more than a decade. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction no matter how small or large the job is. We offer competitive rates because our customer referrals do the advertising for us. We have developed a carpet cleaning process that is so thorough that we can guarantee you The Most Thorough Cleaning You Have Ever Had, and we put it writing. No other company will offer this guarantee. Why even take a chance? Call Ultra Carpet Care, whether it’s Carpet, upholstery, or even your tile and grout, Ultra Carpet Care offers the same guarantee. We are proud members of,  Ethical Services™, members pledge to support and uphold the Ethical Services™ exemplary standards and principles of professional conduct as presented below in our Provider Code of Ethics.      

Providers will perform their services in accordance with the laws of the city and state that they operate in.

Providers will protect client interests by providing valuable consumer information they need in making wise service decisions.

Providers will not misrepresent services to a client or infer that additional services must be purchased for an extra cost once a firm quote has already been


Providers will not utilize "Bait-and Switch" business practices of advertising low-price offers that they have no intention of honoring.

Providers will not exercise a commission-only hiring practice that compels employees to exercise unethical hard-sell tactics solely for the purpose of creating a    livable wage at the expense of clients' true service needs.

Providers will not misrepresent facts about warranties or quality of service.

Providers will strongly guarantee their work.

              Providers will be ethical and honest in all of their business and professional relationships.

There is no reason to take a chance, no reason to call any other carpet cleaning company. Call Ultra Carpet Care, For Ethical, Professional Carpet Cleaning in Springfield.

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