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The Cons of Polyester and Nylon Carpet; Springfield, MO


     The Cons of Nylon Carpet:

  • Nylon carpet is almost always acid dyed so it can have problems with bleaching, fading, urine reactions
  • Usually more expensive than polyester carpet


     The Cons of Polyester Carpet:

  • Polyester is difficult to dye and usually must be solution dyed which limits the variety.
  • It is not resistant to oily stains, oily spills or spots left without proper cleanup can oxidize and even chemically bond with and become part of the fiber. You need to know that some of these spots just won’t come out.
  • Crimp Loss – Early polyester was a mess. A new polyester carpet was fuller, fluffier and more luxurious than anything on the market. But one year later polyester carpet was an owner’s nightmare. Due to loss of twist and crimp, long strait fibers were left in the traffic areas, which caused matting and tangling and destroyed the original look of the carpet. Although improvements have been made by heat setting and using finer yarns, it still shows great amounts of wear in traffic areas. The fibers will start going in random directions in areas of high traffic. These fibers start reflecting light differently and make the traffic areas look soiled. This is a characteristic of polyester, not a defect.


From the prospective of a cleaning technician, polyester carpet is not something I would ever buy. I have seen advancements in the manufacturing of this carpet over the years, but still it is a cleaner’s nightmare. Our job is to give the customers "The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning They Have Ever Had." Polyester carpet can clean up with the right methods, but wear cannot be cleaned. Call Ultra Carpet Care Today (417)459-1971

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