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Steam Cleaning or Dry Cleaning Springfield, MO

Steam Cleaning or Dry Cleaning, Springfield, MO



Dear Ultra Carpet Care,

I need to get my carpets cleaned and was wondering what method of cleaning you use and why? My carpet is about 5 years old and is moderately soiled but we have some pet odors that are obvious. I have recently seen an advertisement coupon for encapsulation cleaning. What is that?



Too many choices.


Dear, Too many choices. There are many different choices in carpet cleaning today. From Steam cleaning to dry foam, bonnet cleaning to encapsulation cleaning. I know it can be overwhelming. At Ultra Carpet Care of Springfield, MO we use Hot Water Extraction also known as Steam Cleaning. Why? Almost all carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning. That’s because is gives the best results if preformed by a well trained and experience cleaning technician. It covers all of the pieces of the cleaning pie, which are the four ingredients needed for all cleaning. All other methods leave one or more of these ingredients out. If you are considering using the Encapsulation method please visit or web site to read more and see if steam cleaning or dry cleaning in Springfield, MO. is best. I’m sure after some quick research you will see why steam cleaning is the best method.  Our method also has the ability of removing deep down pet odors caused by urine unlike the other methods, which are mainly a topical cleaning. Thank you for your email please visit us at cleaning or dry cleaning Springfield MO

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