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Shark Power Lift Away Vacuum Review: Springfield MO.

Shark Power Lift Away Vacuum Review: Springfield MO.


My Wife informed me last week that our vacuum would need to be replaced. She said that it was not picking up like it should and she found a reasonably priced vacuum that she felt would have what she needed to get the job done. She saw an infomercial and the offer came with a money back guarantee if not satisfied with the product. It came with all the bells and whistles and was priced at $249.00 including shipping. It was suppose to take 7-10 days for shipping but arrived today after only 4 days.

After pulling it out of the box and putting a few pieces together we were ready to go. I noticed right away how well built the vacuum looked, the assembly only took about 2-3 minuets and didn’t even require looking at the instructions.

So we started vacuuming and within a few passes of our new Shark Power Lift Away Vacuum we could see that the canister was filling up. This room gets regularly vacuumed and was recently vacuumed just a couple of days ago. Were shocked to see how much the vacuum was picking up.

Being in the Carpet and Upholster cleaning business for many years I have owned many expensive commercial vacuums but I believe this one out preforms all that I have owned. It is light and swivels to turn around corners; it has LED lights and 8 different attachments that are well thought-out. The12 amp motor produces amazing lift as featured in a $500.00 vacuum, it has a 13” cleaning path, the ability to clean under a low piece of furniture or a bed, and has a washable reusable HEPA filter to remove small particles such as pollen. It also has an adjustment for hard surface floors and worked great on our hardwood floors. I would highly recommend this vacuum. Also included were a Steam Mop and a lifetime warrantee. Go to and see the Shark Power Lift Away Vacuum in action at our videos page. For regular Professional Steam Cleaning Call Ultra Carpet Care of Springfield MO. (417) 459-1971              

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