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Scentsy Situation: Springfield, MO

Scentsy Situation: Springfield, MO


For those of you who don’t know, Scentsy is a great air freshner that plugs into a wall socket. It lights up a low voltage light bulb underneath a bowl containing scented wax, when the wax melts in gives off a long lasting aroma. But if you have ever tried to unplug or just bumped one while the wax is still in its liquid state it is a mess. If it happens over your carpet you will have a Scentsy Situation all over your carpet so here is a tip on removing Scentsy wax or any wax from carpet.

There are really two methods to removing wax Hot Method (heat it) or the cool method (freeze it). In this tip we will use both meathods.


What you will need:

Sandwich baggie with ice cubes.

Credit card or similar blunt scraper.

Brown paper un-printed grocery bag or lunch bag.


Spray bottle with water.

White terry cloth towel.

Ok first we will freeze the wax by placing the baggie with the ice cubes over the area. It could take several minuets to freeze the wax. The reason we will freeze it using the cold method is to remove as much wax as possible so that the heat method can do the rest. It’s best to do it this way as heat can set some dyes. This will minimize the amount of dye on the carpet. Once the wax is hard scrape off as much as you can using the credit card or scraper.

Now the Hot method:

Turn your iron on the low setting with no steam.

Place the terry cloth towel next to the wax spot.

Once the iron is hot place brown paper bag over the wax and set iron over bag, after a few seconds the wax should start to melt and absorb into the brown bag. Pull the bag in the direction of the towel and don’t allow the hot wax that has melted into the bag transfer back on to the carpet. Lift it up and only allow it to touch the towel. This may take several passes but continue until all the wax is out. Don’t allow the iron to directly touch the carpet as it could do damage to the fibers. Last, take the spray bottle and lightly spray the area where the wax was, fold the towel in quarters and place a clean side over the spot. Place the iron over the towel for 10-20 seconds to remove any residual. There you’re done. If you don’t feel like messing with it yourself, Call Sprinfields carpet Cleaner. Call Ultra Carpet Care of Springfield MO.  Our 220-degree steam and powerful vacuum can remove the Scentsy Situation in a matter of seconds. Call us Today (417) 459-1971    

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