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Puppy Ate A Hole In My Carpet Springfield, MO.

Puppy Ate A Hole In My Carpet Springfield, MO.


Dear, Ultra Carpet Care, I recently got a new puppy that chewed a hole in the middle of my living room. Is there a DIY way of repairing this? Please Help.


Puppy Ate A Hole.


Dear, Puppy ate a hole in my carpet, Springfield, MO.

Absolutely. Here is what you need. First you will need extra carpet to replace the area where the hole is. Perhaps you have some remnants from when it was installed, or some left over carpet that you use as a mat. If so this would be a great start. If the hole is in an area that has little or no wear and your replacement piece has signs of wear you may want rob the back corner of the closet for a like piece. If the replacement piece has no wear and it’s going to be put in a traffic area it may stick out, so here’s what you do.  Take the piece that you will be installing out to your drive way and rub the fiber side of the carpet against the cement. This can add years of wear in just a few strokes. So take it easy.  Go back inside and compare it to the area it’s going to be installed and see if looks equally worn, if not go back out and continue rubbing it until it matches. Next watch this video and fallow the easy steps and you should have a nice replacement. You can take the old piece that was removed and install it in the closet if it’s not too bad. Of course you can always call Ultra Carpet Care. We love repairs. Give us a call today, (417) 459-1971. Thanks for writing Puppy ate a hole in my carpet Springfield, MO. Hope this helps.         

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