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Pollen-proof your home in Springfield, MO.



Pollen-proof your home in Springfield, MO.


The floors in your home are the largest horizontal areas in your home. Just think of how much dust gets on the top of your coffee table, especially during the spring and summer when pollen counts are high. Here are some ways you can Pollen-proof your home in Springfield, MO.

1. If you all ready have hard surface floors, great! Just make sure they are dusted daily. If your house has carpet, it should be vacuumed twice a week and perhaps more during this season.  Your vacuum should have a special filter, such as a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, designed to capture dust mites and other allergens.

2. Clean curtains regularly, or opt for more allergy-friendly shades instead.

Use a damp cloth for dusting, and wear a filtering mask while cleaning, as the activity will stir allergens up into the air.

3. Keep upholstered furniture and other accessories to a minimum.

4. Use a humidifier or air conditioner to keep the humidity levels in your home at 50 percent or less. The fluid reservoir of your humidifier must be cleaned often (at least twice a week) to prevent mold from growing.

5. Be diligent about keeping moist areas such as your bathroom, kitchen and basement as dry as possible.

6. Get rid of houseplants, or keep only a few, to reduce mold spores.

7. Keep cockroaches, rats, mice and other pests under control. Tips include using boric acid for elimination of cockroaches and keeping all food and garbage tightly covered.

8. If a pet allergy is the problem, bathing your pet once a week may help reduce airborne dander. A non-allergic family member should be in charge of regular brushing (outside) and any cleaning of the litter box or cage.

9. Consider using an air filter designed to catch allergens. Keep in mind that this should not be your sole source of allergy-proofing, as many allergens exist on surfaces in your home, along with the air.

10. Call Ultra Carpet Care to help you Pollen-proof your home in Springfield, MO. We can clean your carpets and your upholstery too. Call Today to schedule your appointment. (417) 459-1971 

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