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Keep Clear of Carpet Cleaning Scams in Springfield, MO.

Keep Clear of Carpet Cleaning Scams in Springfield, MO.

Keep clear of Carpet Cleaning Scams in Springfield MO. Avoid the Carpet Cleaning Rip-off', 2 Rooms Cleaned Free,  $6.95 Per Space Typical Cleaning, Free Deodorizing, and Free Carpet Protector. These carpet-cleaning advertisements are noticed each day by shoppers, they are designed to attract your attention, but think about what the ad is really saying, and pay close attention to the details.  If you see a product at the store and week after week year after year you can always get it for 20% off, then that’s not a sale price it is in fact the price. 20% off is what you would expect to pay for this product. Since carpet cleaning is not done on a weekly basis some people may think this is a fantastic special, but it is in fact the regular price that they charge for their services. The cost that you pay for a product or service is the concern, not what you save. If a company offers 90% off their $100 product you would be paying $10.00, a savings of $90.00. Another company has no sale price but has the same product every day for $8.00. Which is the better price? It is irrelevant what you save. It’s what you spend.

Keep clear of subtle words that can change everything. Words like “Typical Cleaning,”  “Most Rooms”, “Most Fabrics”, “Per Space”. These words are there to give the Cleaning company wiggle room once they get in your home. This is a sign of a scam. Once in your home you may feel too embarrassed to ask them to leave or to tell them “that’s not the price I was quoted”. This is where the bait has been taken and the switch starts.

At Ultra Carpet Care we will give you one price over the phone. This is the price you will pay. (Visit our website and view our pricing @ All our pricing is based on how many rooms you want cleaned. It never costs more if your carpets are heavily soiled. All our pricing includes everything it takes to get your carpet absolutely clean. If it takes us a little more effort and a little more time, then that’s we do to retain you as a customer for life.

Ultra Carpet Care of Springfield MO. takes the burden off of our customers and puts it on us. Our guarantee is this: You will get “The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning You Have Ever Had Or It’s FREE”. You are the judge of the quality of our work. If we don’t preform to your expectations, then we don’t get paid. This is the best guarantee in all of Southwest Missouri. No other company can come close or is willing to put it all on the line like Ultra Carpet Care. That’s why we have thousands of happy customers who refer us to their friends, and use us time and time again. Call Ultra Carpet Care Today. (417) 459-1971          

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