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Is Teflon Carpet Protection A Rip-Off: Springfield, MO.



Is Teflon Carpet Protection A Rip-Off: Springfield, MO.


So you have just spent money to have your carpets cleaned and they look great.The Cleaning technician asks you if you would like him to protect the carpet with DuPont Teflon, So what do you do? Is it worth the extra money? 

So what exactly is the benefit of having your carpeting protected? If you know for certain that there will be no chance of spills or soil being ground into your carpeting, you have no pets, and your carpet is nearing the end of its life, then I would say that protection is unnecessary for you. How ever if your carpet has many years of life left and you have never had protection reapplied since it was new, then I would say you would benefit from reapplying it after it is cleaned. Carpet protection will allow you to go longer between cleanings, reduce friction that causes wear, allow your vacuum to remove more soils, and of course reduce staining. 


How do you know if you are actually getting what you are paying for?

I have had many customers tell me they didn’t think that the Teflon Carpet Protection the last company put on did any good. After asking some questions I can usually find out that the company before either didn’t know how to apply it or simply did not apply it. I have been told that they put it in the back of the tank and it was applied as they cleaned. This is not how DuPont Teflon Carpet Protection is to be applied. First the carpets must be cleaned, if you are Steam cleaning, the mix ratio must take into account that the carpet has some moisture. Next the Carpet Protection is sprayed over the carpet and hand raked to help it migrate over the fibers. Since DuPont Teflon Carpet Protection is a water based product it may add a little more drying time to your carpet. If you are unsure whether or your not you are getting the product, have the cleaning technician apply the same protector to a paper towel. Once the protection on the paper towel has dried, Crunch it up into a ball and dip it in a glass of red wine or grape juice. It should be able to repel the colored drink and should rinse away.  If it can’t, then you probably did not get what you were paying for.  This is an area of vulnerability if you are dealing with an unethical cleaner. 


 What is the best type of protection?

By leaps and bounds the best protection available is made by DuPont, That’s why most manufactures use it.  DuPont Teflon Advanced contains acid dye blockers as well as stain resistant Teflon. So when you have Ultra Carpet Care of Springfield, MO. Clean your carpet, ask us to show you how it works. Protect Your Carpet with DuPont Advanced Carpet Protection, And Call Ultra Carpet Care Today.(417) 459-1971   

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