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Installing Your Own Carpet: Springfield, Missouri

Installing your own carpet sounds hard. But there is a new carpet made by Shaw, which can make it easy for a DIY . Attached pad carpet requires no stretching and the padding is attached to the carpet so there is no need to install padding on this carpet. The carpet is held in place by double-sided tape and no tack strips. Take a look at this video and see if this may be an option for you.  If you think your carpet may be savable don’t hesitate to call Ultra Carpet Care. We would love to come take a look FREE of charge and let you know what we can do. We have been known for bringing carpet back from the dead. However all carpet has a life expectancy, and we will let you know if yours can be saved. Give Ultra Carpet Care Professional Carpet Cleaners of Springfield Missouri a Call Today (417) 459-1971  

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