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Increasing The Life of Your Carpet: Springfield, MO.

Increasing The Life of Your Carpet: Springfield, MO.

The key to increasing the life of your carpet is simply clean it. Steam cleaning your carpet every 12-18 months will remove soils that are the real source of what wears your carpet. Carpet fibers can rub together and start to wear over a period of time but it’s the soil, which will increase the wear, acting as sandpaper on your carpet fibers. This will take years of life off your carpet. Of course vacuuming your carpet and spotting cleaning the spots yourself is a great way to maintain it between professional cleanings.

 Mix equal parts of ammonia and hot water and pour into a spray bottle. Generously apply the solution to a spot and let it soak for a minute. Then, place a towel over the spot and apply pressure until it absorbs into the towel repeat as needed until the spot is gone.

This DIY solution will save you a bundle on steam cleaning by reducing the cost of calling out a professional, simply because you have a few spots. The ammonia is also a great deodorizer that can help neutralize any unpleasant smells from pet accidents.

In addition to spot cleaning, break out the vacuum more often. Consider vacuuming heavy traffic areas twice a week and the entire carpeted area once per week. This will help dirt and debris from settling and help to increase your indoor air quality.

So, to extend the life of your carpet, keep these easy tips in mind. With a simple homemade stain-removal solution and a little extra vacuuming, you'll be saving on cleaning costs in no time and increase the life and beauty of your carpet. When it’s time for a Professional Carpet Cleaning in Springfield Mo, call the Professionals, Ultra Carpet Care. Find out why thousands of people keep calling on us year after year! We Guarantee, “The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning You’ve Ever Had or it’s FREE”

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