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How to find the best carpet cleaner online: Springfield MO

How to find the best carpet cleaner online: Springfield MO


These days finding products or services are very easy with search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Companies spend thousands of dollars on SEO (search engine optimization) to get ranked on the first page of Google because people will choose a product or service from the first page and rarely even go to the second or third page. But there are many reasons to look beyond the page rank to judge a company’s true qualities, especially when looking for a carpet cleaning company in Springfield Missouri.

Many people don’t even go into the true search results but choose a company from the top of the first page, which are paid advertisements. Google provides these ads to the highest bidder, which can cost as much as  $4.00 to $5.00 per click. These costs can add up and are always passed on to the consumer in higher costs. This also opens up the door for corruption between competitors clicking on each other’s adds so they will waste their advertising dollars on false clicks from competitors.

 At Ultra Carpet Care we have a strong Google rank based on two things, Content, and traffic. What is content?  Content is simply what is written on the pages of your website. Many years ago Google would look at a web page and the quantity of its content and would rank it as a more relevant site, compared to a site with less content. But these days Google and other search engines are extremely sophisticated and can spot a cheat. Ultra Carpet care has published many articles and videos that has helped our ranking by providing original relevant content that people are searching for, but more importantly it is relevant content that has been helpful to our customers in providing information regarding Carpet cleaning and general cleaning tips. Because this information is helpful, traffic is increased and ranked among the top carpet cleaning companies in Southwest Missouri.

So when searching for a company to hire, remember high search engine ranking is not always the best company. You must look deeper. How many years of experience do they have? Do they have proper training? What is their guarantee? With many years of experience, fully trained by the IICRC, and the best guarantee in the business, it’s clear whom to call. Visit the carpet-cleaning professionals, or call today at (417) 459-1971          

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