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Hot Water Extraction, What Is It? Springfield, MO.

Hot Water Extraction, What Is It? Springfield, MO.


Hot water extraction is a method used by many professionals to clean your carpets. And the method used at Ultra Carpet Care of Springfield, MO. Although this is not the only method out there, it is the one that is recommended by the two world’s largest carpet manufacturers, Shaw Industries, the first largest, and Mohawk, the second largest.

Hot water extraction is when hot water (220Deg.) cleaning solution is sprayed onto the carpet and then is extracted with a very powerful vacuum system. Some refer to this method as steam cleaning. One of the reasons this is considered superior by these carpet manufacturers is because the hot water combined with the suction power of the Truck-mount equipment will clean much deeper and be able to extract all the dirt from your carpet, kill bacteria, pollen, fungus, and other residue that builds up in your carpet as time goes by.

There are three other known methods out there, but not very effective.

Dry Foam; is the first method we will talk about. It is basically dry cleaning, where foam is applied to the carpet and allowed to dry, then vacuumed. It is like applying shampoo to your hair and allowing it to dry then using a vacuum to suction it out. This can leave a lot of residue in your carpet therefore making it not very effective.

Bonnet Cleaning; Is another dry cleaning method - which is similar to the previous except for  it is a water-based solution that is sprayed on the carpet, then a bonnet is used under a rotary machine and is spun. This method is like trying to use a towel to rub the dirt out.

Dry Compound;  is the last one we will talk about. This method spreads a wet mixture (that appears like saw dust) over your carpet. Then a machine will brush the mixture into your carpet,Theoretically causing it to absorb the dirt in the mixture, then it is vacuumed.  It is impossible to get it all out.  This is an outdated method and is definitely not very effective either. 

There is no question about it; Hot Water Extraction is the most effective way to clean your carpets. Give Ultra Carpet Care of Springfield, MO. a call and find out why our customers Love to have us come out and clean their carpets!  Call Now. (417) 459-1971

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