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Hot Water Extraction, Steam Cleaning: Springfield MO.

Hot Water Extraction, Steam Cleaning: Springfield MO.

Have you ever heard of the hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning? It’s not surprising if you haven’t. The more popular term is “steam cleaning" to describe this method. No matter what you call it. What you need to know as a homeowner is that hot water extraction is by far the best carpet cleaning method on the market.

 But don't take our word for It If you have doubts, just look to the carpet industry itself for clues as to which method is the best for your carpets and upholstery. There is a reason that most every major carpet manufacturer recommends and increasingly requires for warranty reasons that you use hot water extraction when you clean your homes carpeting. And there is also a reason that almost every major carpet cleaning company, from Ultra Carpet Care down the line, chooses hot water extraction as their method of choice.

How It Works

The term "steam cleaning" is really a misnomer when it comes to describing how hot water extraction works. In truth, you see very little steam when the cleaning technician is using the cleaning wand. Some company’s use under rated heat exchangers that are unable to reach very high temperatures, as for them you will never see any steam. At Ultra Carpet Care our equipment can reach temperatures of up to 230 F. Due to high pressure we can achieve temperatures above the boiling point, but when the solution is propelled onto your carpet it condenses and is immediately vacuumed up within a split second at high pressure. This loosens up dirt, soil, and grime as well as disinfects when temperatures of this degree are achieved, and is one of many reasons that Steam cleaning is so widely used and accepted. Steam Cleaning is the Standard by which all cleaning methods are judged. At Ultra Carpet Care our goal is to be the standard by which you judge all carpet cleaners. Give us a call to find out why thousands of people each year call upon us time and time again. Professional Carpet Cleaning in Springfield, MO. (417) 459-1971   

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