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Home Carpet Steam Cleaning: Springfield, MO.

Home Carpet Steam Cleaning: Springfield, MO.

If you have carpets in your home, you'll either need to rent or buy a Carpet Steam Cleaner, or have a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company clean your carpets if you want to keep carpeting looking good and smelling fresh. The accumulation of dirt, grime and pet stains will cause odors to emit from your carpet, making the whole house smell unclean.  Spots that linger around for a while, will set and be more difficult to remove and may not ever come out. While renting a carpet steam cleaner does save on storage space, steam cleaning machine rental fees can add up quickly and after a few rentals, you could have bought your own carpet-cleaning machine.


The price of a home carpet steam cleaner can reach upwards of $600. This home version cannot touch the results achieved by a Professional Carpet Cleaning System like that used by Ultra Carpet Care of Springfield Mo. Yet we are so affordable, you could have your whole house cleaned each year for many years before you would come close to spending that much money. In the years doing it yourself your home steam cleaning unit would be ready for replacement. So where is the savings? At Ultra Carpet Care we have the ability to remove pet stains, make carpet repairs, and we can even clean your upholstery. We can have your home looking and smelling great in about an hour. Call Ultra Carpet Care for the best Carpet Cleaning Services in Springfield MO. (417) 459-1971

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