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Hiring A Professional Upholstery Cleaner: Springfield MO.


Hiring A Professional Upholstery Cleaner: Springfield MO.

Upholstered fabrics are made from both natural and manmade fibers, all of which have very specific cleaning requirements. For example, silk is extremely touchy and requires extreme care when cleaning. High alkaline cleaning agents can damage the fabric, bleach can dissolve the fibers, water may cause stretching, and even small amounts of salt found in perspiration can cause discoloration and splitting.

Most upholstery fabrics fall into one of eight different categories called cleaning codes. It’s important to adhere to these criteria because improper methods can cause browning, stretching, shrinking, fading, bleaching, yellowing and/or texture distortion. Over-wetting can cause visible harm, encourage mold and mildew, and cause metal zippers, buttons and studs to rust, which can bleed onto surrounding fabric. Fabric cleaners can also damage wood or leather on pieces that feature a mix of materials. Professionals like Ultra Carpet Care are familiar with these challenges and have the experience, cleaning solutions and equipment to do the job right. Stain removal can be tricky. 
 Using the wrong cleaning solution can encourage spots and stains to settle more deeply into the fabric, making them more difficult to remove or in some cases permanent. Professional cleaners can avoid these problems and can sometimes remove stains that have resisted your best attempts to remove.

Upholstery cleaning can get expensive if the fabric is a delicate one such as silk. Fortunately most home furniture is made from synthetic fabrics, which are much more easily cleaned and cost much less to have done. Manufacturers recommend professional cleaning. 
Many furniture warranties feature an escape clause that protects the manufacturer if upholstered furniture is improperly cleaned. Having a professional clean the upholstery is the best choice, since a do-it-yourself cleaning can void your warranty.

Ultra Carpet Care has many years experience in upholstery cleaning. We have served Springfield Missouri since 2005. We offer reasonable rates and the actual work will be preformed by a technician with no less than 13 years of experience, not by someone hired by a company for a summer job with just a few weeks of time under their belt. At Ultra Carpet Care we stand behind our work and have the best guarantee among any of our competitors. We put the burden on us and take it off of the customer. No other company will offer a guarantee like ours! “The Most Thorough Cleaning You’ve Ever Had or it’s FREE” Ask any other company if they will guarantee their work like that! Call For The Best Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in Springfield MO. (417) 459-1971

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