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Hiring A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company: Springfield MO.

Hiring A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company: Springfield MO.


This was recently submitted to Angieslist  by “Cooper”

Submitted by Cooper on Fri, 2015-02-06 12:17.  I do all my carpets myself. I have a Bissell Pro heat machine and I use Genesis 950 to clean my entire carpeting. It's $60 for 2 and a half gallons. I can do my whole house for that. On top of that I don't have to wait around for a company to show up and I can clean whenever I need to.

Considered the $230.00 cost of the machine and the $60.00 for cleaning solution he has purchased, but most importantly how well does it work. The Bissell pro may be good for small spills around the house, certainly time is of the essence in cleaning some stain causing things such as red wine spills. But for actually cleaning your entire home and really removing deep down soils that cause wear, the Bissell is simply no match against the power of the Ultra Carpet Care Truck-mounted Cleaning System.

Our System reaches temperatures of up to 230 degrees increasing the cleaning power and reducing dry time. Suction; Bissell does not disclose the amount of vacuum their unit has but we can guarantee it doesn’t come close to our 342 hp. motor generating more than 15 in/Hg. Basically we can pull out nearly all of the moisture we use during the cleaning process, leaving your carpet 95% dry. We can do all of the work for you and usually be there on the next business day. Our Professional Carpet Cleaning process can be done in far less time than using a small home unit such as the Bissell. A typical 3-bed room home with a living room can be completely transformed in about an hour. Visit our website ( to find out how affordable Professional Carpet Cleaning can be. When you add up the real costs it just makes sense to call Ultra Carpet Care. (417) 459-1971            

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