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Hello, My Name Is Ultra Carpet Care: Springfield, MO.



Hello, My Name Is Ultra Carpet Care: Springfield, MO.

Ultra Carpet Care, a premier carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning company servicing Springfield Missouri Metro area. 

Choosing a carpet cleaner is an educated choice for each home owner. Not all companies are created equal. Many companies use poor quality chemicals that can be left in the carpet by poor equipment and that can leave sticky residue which can re-soil your carpet in just a few weeks. This residue ends up attracting soil and other particles that can work their way deep into your carpets. 

 What you must know is Ultra Carpet Care uses the highest quality carpet rug and upholstery cleaning products. These products don’t come cheap but along with our state of the art Buttler Truckmount cleaning system and years of experience that will not leave sticky residue behind ensuring clean carpets.

 Ultra Carpet Care is fully trained and our process complies with all major carpet requirements including new stain-resistant carpeting. Ultra Carpet Care uses the industry’s most advanced truck-mounted carpet cleaning systems. This means your carpets are being treated with the proper care and attention you would expect from a professional. We offer the best guarantee In Springfield, Mo. “The Most Thorough Cleaning You Ever Had Or It’s FREE”. It is in writing not just Jibber-jabber on our web site. Call any other carpet cleaning company in Springfield, Nixa, Ozark, Republic, or any carpet cleaning company in southwest Missouri and ask them if they can match that guarantee in writing. We are that sure we can give you the best and we’ll put the burden on us. Call Us today (417)459-1971     

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