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Four Pieces Of The Cleaning Pie: Springfield Missouri

Four Pieces Of The Cleaning Pie: Springfield Missouri


Chemical reaction, Heat, Agitation, and Time. Knowing what is involved will help get the work accomplished properly. All of these slices are needed to get the best cleaning but if one of these slices is reduced , than the other three must be increased. When heat is increased, less chemical, time and agitation is needed. When there is less heat the others need to be increased. Heat also helps textiles dry faster. Having heat speeds up drying and cleaning. The quality of chemicals that are used will make a significant difference in how well the cleaning will turn out. In effect, more diluted cleaning products must be offset by the other three pieces of the cleaning pie.

 Weather your cleaning the laundry, your dishes, or even your Carpets your best results come when you use all four. Temperature, Agitation, Chemical Action, and Time. Think about how clean your cloths would be if you removed any of these, cold water, soap, no agitation, and for just a short period of time. The results would not be good. 

Hot water extraction cleaning is by far the most effective and widely recommended method in the industry. With HWE, a thorough pre-vacuuming removes all the dry particulate soils from the carpet. A cleaning solution is then sprayed onto the carpet to break down the oils and greases. In some cases, the conditioner is agitated with a grooming rake or rotary brush machine to further enhance the cleaning ability. The soil and solution is then thoroughly rinsed from the carpet by combining a pressurized hot water rinse with a powerful wet vacuum. Most professionals use a truck mounted unit, which uses long solution and vacuum hoses to reach the carpet. The dirty water is deposited in a waste tank located on the truck. There are also “portable” extractors as well as residential “steam cleaners”. These operate on the same principles, but with reduced heat, water pressure, vacuum, and inferior cleaning solutions, they are usually not nearly as effective as truck mounts, and usually result in higher dry times. After the carpet has been rinse extracted, it is recommended that a quality carpet protector be re-applied to the carpet to replace the factory protector which most likely has worn off. This method has all four pieces  off the Cleaning Pie, Temperature, Agitation, Chemical Action, and Time, it allows for control of these pieces so they can be increased if the job requires. Unlike the other methods there is complete extraction of soils, Dust mites, Pollens, and Germs.  Call Ultra Carpet Care. We use State of the art Truckmounted equipment. We incorporate all four pieces of the cleaning pie giving you the best results possible. Thats how we guarantee you "The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning You Have Ever Had Or It's FREE"  Call Us Today (417) 459-1971 

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