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Filtration Dust and Carpet Cleaning, Springfield, MO.

Do you have those unsightly black lines around your carpets edge, baseboards and under doors?

What is it? Well as the title says, its filtration dust also known as filter dust. This is usually caused from your HVAC system but this dust can creep through the flood boards, walls, and windows. Much of the filtration dust is derived from out door pollution, pollen, ash from fire places, candles, soil, burning food on the oven and everything that is found in your indoor air environment.   This very fine dust can move around your house and eventually hit the wall s or doors and slide down final settling along the walls and doors. This is a very hard spot to clean because most vacuums miss this area. So it remains there until the carpets are professionally cleaned, and hopefully it hasn’t been too long, because filter dust can stain. Fortunately, there’s Ultra Carpet Care of Springfield MO. We have some special spotters that can get most if not all of these spots out, depending on how long they have been there and whether or not you had a carpet protection applied in the past. The best cleaning method for filtration dust is prevention. Here are a few tips to help with the problem.Seal the duct system by finding the leaks and sealing them with HVAC Duct Tape. All systems have a lot of small holes and leaks especially near junction boxes where ducting comes into the box and the boxes themselves.This may not eliminate it but will reduce the reformation of the filtration dust.

Removing carpet around the areas where the Filtration soil has formed and caulk the gap between the sheet rock and the framing.

Vacuum with a crevice tool regularly and wipe with a damp white terry cloth. Watch out for the tack stripping just below on the edge of the carpeting, it can cut fingers and be very painful!

Changing your HVAC filters in a timely fashion. (1-3 months.) The more heavily soiled they get the more HVAC system draws from the holes in the system.

       Call Ultra Carpet Care every 6-12 months; regular cleaning can help keep filtration soil from occurring and building up. Call Us Today (417) 459-1971

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