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Cleaning Polyester Carpet; Springfield MO.

Cleaning Polyester Carpet; Springfield MO.

Polyester is one of the least expensive fibers for a manufacture to make. Although a polyester carpet looks and feels nice when new, it is not a resilient fiber, and it is not a long-lasting carpet. Polyester carpets mat down in a hurry, and that has always been the biggest problem with these carpets. Every footstep taken starts bending and compressing the fibers, and soon they begin to fall over. The fibers in the traffic areas will eventually all be lying down in several directions and once polyester fibers are crushed, they won't spring back to their original position. Polyester carpet warranties do not cover claims against matting or crushing. 

These fibers will reflect light differently in the traffic areas making even clean polyester carpet look soiled. This reflection of light is much like the blades of grass on a baseball field. They can look different when it is mowed in different directions. If the grass blades lay down away from you, you will see the side of each blade, which will reflect more light and appear lighter. However if the grass blades lay toward you, you will just see the tops of the blades and they will appear darker.

When you vacuum your carpet you will notice the same light reflection if you vacuum in rows, forward pushes fibers away from you looking lighter and when you pull the vacuum back towards you it looks darker. As a polyester carpet wears, the traffic areas will appear darker making it  difficult for a carpet cleaning companies to make these areas look clean.

A professional carpet cleaner should be able to explain this to a customer before he starts. The white towel test will help you make sure the carpet is thoroughly clean, by simply rubbing it over the areas that were cleaned you should see no dirt on the towel. You can also take a high intensity light and shine it on the traffic area that may look soiled after cleaning; this will force light on the area. You should see that the traffic area will look the same color as the rest of the carpet if all the soil has been removed. There may be a stain left behind from heavy soils but it should look close to the same color as the rest of the areas. Looking for the best carpet cleaner in Springfield MO? Call Ultra Carpet Care (417) 459-1971 

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