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Carpet Cleaning For A Healthy Home: Springfield, MO.

Carpet Cleaning For A Healthy Home: Springfield, MO.   

Like all things in the home, carpets also need cleaning and maintenance. Vacuuming helps keep the carpet clean by removing dry soils, pollen, and dust but it also needs a more thorough to remove the build up over 12-18 months.  This build up likes to cling to the, not dry soils, called fatty binders. These are sticky soils like grease that becomes airborne from the kitchen, oils you track in from outside, oils from our beloved pets and even sugars from a soda. These are sticky substances that hold other soils that are not removed by vacuuming alone. A deep cleaning using advanced release agents are needed to remove these types of soils. Once these soils are liquefied they can be rinsed away and removed by a professional cleaning company using a Hot Water Extraction or “Steam Cleaning” method. Nearly every carpet manufacturer recommends this method.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned will increase you indoor air quality. Did you know that indoor air quality is usually 10 to 100 times worse than outdoor air quality? Getting the carpet professionally cleaned will not only give you more service life of your carpet, but it is beneficial to our health as well.

Carpets act as a filter that holds soil, dust mites, pollen, debris and other contaminants. Vacuuming helps pull up a good amount of that stuff, but not all. A dirty carpet is the ideal place for bacteria and germs to multiply and grow. Doctors tell us that dirt and dust are the primary causes of most allergies. Over time, the contaminants build up and you can imagine what breathing in those nasty microorganisms can do to you. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also recognizes the effect of unhealthy indoor air and the link it has with carpet cleaning. 

While waiting between professional cleanings, make sure you change or clean the filter in your vacuum often. If you are selling your home, be sure to have the carpet professionally cleaned before that first open house. A dirty carpet can turn buyers off, and if there are pet, smoke or other odors in the carpet, many buyers will walk out before viewing the rest of the house. It is a small price to pay for so many benefits. Call Ultra Carpet Care of Springfield MO. Today and see how affordable Professional Carpet Cleaning in Springfield MO. can be. Get Squeaky-clean carpets in about an hour. Call Now to schedule your appointment. (417) 459-1971 

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