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Carpet Cleaning Disaster: Springfield, MO.

Carpet Cleaning Disaster: Springfield, MO.

This is the result of an untrained carpet cleaning crew using substandard equipment and not knowing how to fix it. This Disaster would have never happened if she had called Ultra Carpet Care of Springfield MO. We are fully trained and have many years of experience. We use state of the art equipment that costs upwards of $50,000.00 compared to the portable unit in this video costing $1500.00. The results are miles apart from a portable unit.

Our equipment stays outside your home and has twice the pulling power as an inexpensive portable unit. Our water is heated by our unit to over 200 degrees, which increases the cleaning ability and shortens the dry time. We don’t use your electricity or water and we have the best guarantee in the business. We also don’t use high dollar attorneys to get out of paying for mistakes but rather do the job right the first time.

To put our clients at ease, we carry $1,000,000.00 in liability insurance, but have never had a claim. That’s because we are a professionally trained, full service Carpet and upholstery cleaning company.  If you have had it with big businesses not standing up to their obligations, commitments, providing unethical services, and putting their own self interests before their customers, Then Call Ultra Carpet Care For Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Springfield MO. (417) 459-1971

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