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Can my carpet be cleaned without chemicals? Springfield MO.

Can my carpet be cleaned with out chemicals? 

 Can my carpet be cleaned with no chemicals? Yes. At Ultra Carpet Care we can clean your carpets any way you like. If you prefer a steam extraction only we can do that for you. When a Carpet cleaning company refers to “Chemicals” it may sound harsh but at Ultra Carpet Care we use biodegradable cleaning solutions that are environmentally, pet, and child safe.

Basically we pre-spray the carpet with a cleaning detergent. In an earlier article we talked about the cleaning pie in which there are four pieces. Temperature, Chemical Reaction (detergent or soap), Mechanical Agitation, and Time. A good example would be when washing your hands you use soap (Chemical Reaction). You then rub your hands (Mechanical Agitation). Followed by using Hot Water (Temperature) then taking the time needed to get them clean (Time). If you remove one of these then your hands will not get as clean.

So when cleaning your carpet we incorporate all of the four pieces of the cleaning pie and one of them is using a pre-spray that will loosen the soils from your carpet fibers and ensure a thoroughly clean carpet.

 If you are concerned with any residue, don’t worry we use the most effective steam cleaning equipment available. It will remove the pre-spray and soils that are in your carpet leaving it 95% dry and squeaky-clean. This is the way we prefer to clean and the most effective way as recommended by our industry standards. Call Ultra Carpet Care Today for professional Carpet Cleaning in Springfield Missouri. (417) 459-1971      

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