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Benefits of Ultra Carpet Care: Springfield MO.

Benefits of Ultra Carpet Care: Springfield MO.


The most important thing about hiring a professional to clean your carpets or upholstery is that they do a fantastic job. It's hard to restore new life into an old carpet, but using a combination of the best equipment available, and having the right cleaning solutions for each job can usually achieve this.

At Ultra Carpet Care we take pride in giving our customers a professional cleaning each and every time we are called. You can certainly rent the steam cleaning equipment, and purchase cleaning products yourself, but without training and a fair amount of experience, it is unlikely that most homeowners will achieve the same kind of results that a hired crew can deliver. The fact is the rental units readily available at your local grocery store put the homeowner at a disadvantage when trying to achieve a professional cleaning. The cleaning solutions don’t help the matter much; they are over priced and are designed for general cleaning unlike a professional that will use more specific solutions to target certain soils in your home.

Furthermore, opting for professional carpet cleaning by Ultra Carpet Care is not all that expensive when you consider all the benefits. Our experienced carpet cleaning will come to your home, No picking up a rental and returning it to the store. We will get your carpets as clean as is possible, haul the equipment, and do it all faster than you could do it yourself. We also offer small repairs in addition to carpet cleaning services. While we’re there you may want us to clean your upholstery too. And we can get it all done during a single visit. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment. (417) 459-1971 

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