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Bacteria In Your Carpet: Springfield, MO.

Bacteria In Your Carpet: Springfield, MO.

Bacteria can waltz its way into your home via your feet more than any other way and may likely end up in your carpet!  Think of all the places you walk where bacteria is present such as public bathrooms. Often the same mop used to mop the bathrooms is also used to mop the dinning area of your favorite restaurant.

You would never think of lying down on the bathroom floor but that is exactly what you are doing when you lay down on your carpet, and children are more vulnerable. Throw in a pet and you have even more bacteria on your carpet than you may have on your toilet.    

Ultra Carpet Care of Springfield MO cleaning system can deep clean your carpets, and rid them of this build up of bacteria. Steam Cleaning is the very best Solution to Clean Carpets.

Ultra Carpet Care will first pre-spray every square foot with a preconditioner and deodorizer to liquefy the pollutants. Then we Steam clean the carpet with our 220-degree steam killing bacteria and rinsing away the soils. Next our powerful vacuum will remove the soils and contaminants from your home leaving your carpet 95% dry and completely clean.  The best part is that Carpet cleaning with Ultra Carpet Care is more affordable than you may think.  We also have the best guarantee in the business. No other company can match our guarantee and no other company comes close to our professional carpet cleaning system. That’s why thousands of happy customers have used Ultra Carpet Care for more than a decade. We feel very blessed that our customers do our advertising for us in referring their friends and neighbors. These referrals and repeat customers tell us we are doing things right. If you haven’t been referred to Ultra Carpet Care yet, then give us a call at (417) 459-1971    


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