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Are Carpet And Upholstery Cleaned The same way: Springfield, MO.

Are Carpets And Upholstery Cleaned The same way: Springfield, MO.


To get the best cleaning results there are four things that must be used, Temperature, Agitation, Chemical Action, and Time. So in this respect yes, they should both have these four ingredients to get the best result. If one of these four items is removed, your cleaning will not be as thorough. Think how clean your hands would get if you rinsed them off in cold water very fast without using soap, compared to scrubbing them in hot water using soap for several minuets. The difference would be night and day. 

Some of the most serious problems I have seen, are the result of carpet cleaning techniques used to clean upholstery. Usually by an untrained carpet cleaner with very little training in upholstery cleaning techniques.

Carpet cleaning chemistry to a large degree is designed to clean synthetic fibers, subject to ground in soiling from the shoes. Carpet is also much thicker than upholstered fabrics. Therefore many carpet cleaners are aggressive in their approach to cleaning. In fact, you have probably heard of some of the mistakes cleaners make by leaving their carpets wet two and three days at a time.  Carpet Itself can survive that however, when moisture is allowed to go down deep into the padding mildew can start forming creating a new problem. When carpet is steam cleaned we may use several gallons of water per room, this in its self is not a problem as long as the extraction stokes over the carpet follow close behind removing the moisture along with the dirt before going into the padding. A professional carpet cleaner should be able to remove about 95% of the moisture during the cleaning process. 

Upholstery is not as forgiving as carpet. The biggest difference is most upholstery is blended with natural fibers, like cotton, linen, wool or silk. This is because natural fibers are more comfortable against our skin since they breathe better. However, natural fabrics are prone to more problems than synthetics are if improperly cleaned, or if the wrong cleaning solution is used. For example, yellowing or browning (Cellulosic Brown Out) of the fabric can occur. This Brown Out is similar to an apple allowed to sit after it has been cut open. It can be eliminate with a treatment after cleaning that will not allow this to happen. Shrinkage, fabric appearance, and colors can also be seriously affected if done by an untrained technician. 

Beyond a doubt, upholstery cleaning  and carpet cleaning techniques are  different.  Upholstery should be cleaned with a low moisture technique and be dry within one to six hours.  Also, it is vital to leave the fabric as close to the neutral state as possible.  Remember your hair care products will say, pH balanced,  you are rinsing out the shampoo in your hair and leaving it neutral and soap free.  That’s a similar comparison with proper upholstery cleaning.  We use these proper cleaning techniques with all the delicate fabrics we clean such as cotton, wool, velvets, silk and many more. If you don’t want to take a chance, than call the Professionals, Ultra Carpet Care, Springfield Missouri. Visit us at, Like Us on Facebook, or simply call us at (417) 459-1971  

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