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All Carpet Cleaning Companies Are The Same. Or Are They: Springfield, MO.

All Carpet Cleaning Companies Are The Same, Or Are They?



While it may seem like there isn't much of a difference between many of the carpet and upholstery cleaning companies servicing The Springfield area, some investigation will reveal a number of things that should be important when hiring a company, and who you choose to let in your to clean your Carpet or furnishings.

There is a common misconception that all carpet-cleaning companies in Springfield Missouri are the same.  When this is the case, the main objective becomes to get the best deal possible and hire the cleaning company that offers the absolute lowest price. 

 These amazing, too good to be true deals often come in the form of cheap by-the-room coupons or a low flat-rate for several rooms of carpet cleaning.  However, this is a very common bait and switch marketing tactic created to persuade homeowners to call.  Once the company has successfully made it into your home or business, it is not unusual to encounter high-pressure sales tactics for add-on services you thought would be included in the price.

The fact of the matter is any reputable carpet cleaning company has a reasonable cost of doing business that these rock-bottom deals could never cover.  Legitimate expenses like carpet-cleaning supplies, equipment, and fuel costs, etc. all add up and need to be paid for. 

You should expect no carpet cleaner attempt to sell you any questionable services like "deep scrubbing" because your carpet is "too dirty" or wanting to charge you more for basics that should be a part of a normal carpet cleaning such as vacuuming, spot treatment, and pre-conditioning, for example. This should send up red flags. At Ultra Carpet Care of Springfield Missouri we include everything that is needed to get your carpet and upholstery as clean as is possible. That’s how we guarantee, “The Most Thorough Cleaning You Have Ever Had Or It’s FREE”.  For an over the phone price, with no gimmicks, No sale pitches, just squeaky clean carpet by Springfield’s Professional Carpet Cleaners in about an hour, Call Ultra Carpet Care (417) 459-1971

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